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Whether you’re aiming to sell more tasty treats locally for your cupcake business in NW London, or you’re looking for more enquiries across the UK for your life coaching service, SEO needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy. 

With so many techniques required to rise to the top of Google, it can often feel overwhelming to know where to start. Maybe your website is buried deep down on page 10 whilst your competitors are creeping onto page one, or your current customers rave about your service but you’re only getting one enquiry a week through your website.


This is where my freelance SEO service comes in. I’ll provide insights into what is and isn’t working, auditing your site, and create an SEO strategy that will help you jump up the Google rankings and ultimately get more customers. 

Freelance SEO services to increase

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Grow your business with a monthly SEO retainer

If you’re looking for that push up the rankings, but don’t have the budget for an agency, then a monthly SEO retainer can be an excellent way to help you achieve your goals.   We will work together to define what your business needs are and how we can meet them. If your digital marketing requirements are greater than just SEO, then I also offer a digital marketing retainer which covers a greater breadth of digital marketing services from awards entry writing and content marketing through to blog and thought leadership writing. 

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Book an SEO website audit to boost your Google rankings 

If you’re unsure of how your website is currently ranking on Google, then I can help you perform an SEO audit. The SEO audit will help you assess your ranking against competitors, external back-link quality, site speed, critical errors, thin content and analysis of title tags and meta descriptions.  The audit is an excellent way to achieve a picture of how your website is performing, helping you to focus your efforts to help you rank above your competitors on Google.

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