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Free Digital

Marketing Review

Do you feel you have a kick-ass product, but you’re just not achieving the sales you feel you should be? Or maybe you’re spending hours on your content, but you’re still not getting found on Google?


I’ll perform a top-line analysis of your website, social media channels and Google rankings (SEO) and compile a free

20 minute video that details how you can improve reach, engagement and lead generation.  


What you will receive from your free digital marketing review

  • Analysis of your website - Is it showcasing your brand at its best? How can the site drive more sales/enquiries? 

  • Assessment of your social media marketing - How are you engaging your audience across each channel?

  • A top-line review of your SEO ranking - Are there quick wins to jump above your competitors?

  • Assessment of any PPC campaigns that you are running - Are you getting bang for your buck? 


The digital marketing review is a no obligation assessment, but if you feel I can support you across any of your future digital marketing efforts then I’d love to have a conversation. 


If you’d like a more in-depth review of your digital marketing then contact me about a digital road-map where I’ll perform a detailed audit of your current channels, analysis of your competitors and set out a six month plan at a cost of £495.

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