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Social Media   Content Marketing    Conversion Optimisation   Awards Writing

I offer a variety of digital marketing services that I can support companies with. Whether you're looking for a one off blog written around a particular topic, an entry written for an upcoming industry award or a full six month digital marketing plan then I'd be happy to help. 

I've been working in digital marketing for ten years and I've marketed a wide type of clients including restaurants, online art companies, events agencies and travel clients. I'm comfortable working across both B2B and B2C and over the years I've had multiple marketing successes; I've increased spend through a website from five million to 34 million, won multiple awards for companies, and grown an e-commerce's site traffic by 900%.  If you think I can help your business then I'd love to have a chat. 

At Banks Sadler I was lucky enough to work with Hatty and her team, where we worked together as one team to drive the goals of the business. With her innovative ideas on how to drive the marketing for the company there was never a shortage of leads, not only online but offline too.  The creative way which her and her team worked blew me away! Hatty looks at every project with new eyes and with never the same solution twice and she creates truly innovative and interesting content for people to view. I would not think twice about working with her again."

Helen Carmichael, Business Development Director

Book a free digital marketing review

I'll perform a top-line analysis of your website, social media

channels and Google rankings (SEO) and compile them

into a 20 minute video that details how you

can improve reach, engagement and lead generation - all for free. 

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