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Perhaps you're a  busy Marketing Manager struggling to find the time to start writing your thought leadership paper, or you're a small business wanting support with your blog strategy to help drive more engagement and converting customers - this is where I come in. My role is to produce carefully crafted copy for websites, brochures, presentations, whitepapers and more. I'll write in your desired tone of voice, so whether you're looking for a trends paper written in a more corporate style or you'd like your website rewritten in a friendly and informative manner, then do drop me a line. 


Thought Leadership Copywriting
Thought leadership content is a key way to build your company’s reputation, helping you

to lead in your industry whilst also acting as a successful sales tool.  

Writing captivating thought leadership content requires a few factors: relevancy to its audience,

solves their challenges or pain points, and is it well researched from reputable sources.  

As a copywriter, I can work with you to deliver an array of styles of thought leadership

content, including whitepapers, e-books, trends pieces, long-form blog posts or research papers. 

My thought leadership copywriting experience spans many topics,

including event personalisation and sustainability through to big data.  








Blog Copywriting

Blogs are an excellent tool to drive traffic to your website, support your SEO strategy and engage your audience.

Creating blog content isn’t just a case of slapping 500 words on a page and hoping for the best; each piece of

content needs to be carefully researched, so it’s both engaging to its audience and performs well on Google

I can help you assess your goals for your blogs, decide the best content that will resonate with your audience and

support you in creating a blog strategy.  I’ll perform keyword research on each blog and craft engaging content

that will outperform your competitors on Google.





Website Copywriting

Whether you need help telling your brand story or you're looking for catchy product descriptions,

I can support you in writing punchy and persuasive website copy that grows your business.  When you're

flat out running a business, often, the website can be the last thing on the list to tackle. Maybe you're getting

repeat business through word of mouth, but no one is enquiring through your website, or you

launched your website in a rush, and it's nowhere to be found on Google.

My freelance website copywriting service will not only help you to engage your website visitors,

but my SEO expertise will ensure the content is written to perform on Google

so you'll be climbing up those rankings in no time.   


I’m flexible with how I can support you, so whether you’re looking for a copywriter for a one-off

presentation or a more regular optimised blog writing service, then do drop me a line. 


My copywriting service includes

  • Website copy

  • Newsletters

  • Opinion pieces

  • Press releases

  • Blogs

  • E-books

  • Pitch material

  • Presentations

Companies I've worked with
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