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500 Marketing Tips for Small 


80+ pages of actionable marketing tips for your small business

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What's included.....

Building the foundations

  • Auditing

  • Identifying your ideal customer

  • Creating buyer personas

  • Knowing your competitors

  • Defining your USP

  • Defining your marketing channels

  • Marketing funnels

  • Creating SMART goals

  • Measuring success

  • Knowing your numbers

  • Collating brand assets

Conversion Optimisation

  • Colours to convert

  • Social proof

  • A/B testing

  • Menu navigation

  • Highlighting benefits

  • eCommerce CRO

  • Pop-ups


  • Onsite SEO

  • Keyword research

  • Optimising web pages

  • Link building

  • High-converting SEO blogs

  • Local SEO

  • SEO for eCommerce brands

Email Marketing

  • Choosing an email platform

  • Planning email campaigns

  • Email marketing funnels

  • Key types of emails

  • Segmenting emails

  • Applying conditional splits

  • Email automation

  • Email deliverability

  • Measuring email campaigns

  • Email Design

Social Media

  • General tips

  • Instagram

  • Influencer marketing

  • TikTok

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

  • Facebook


  • Trends 

  • Product creation

  • Etsy SEO

  • Basket abandonment

  • Seasonal trends

  • Offers

  • Customer enquiry analysis

  • Analytics

This eBook will help you to...

  • Better understand your target audience and what makes them tick

  • Take stock of what is and isn't working with your marketing

  • Get to page one of Google with tried and tested SEO tactics

  • Grow and nurture an email list that wants to buy from you

  • Create social media content that makes you stand out

  • Set your website up to be a converting machine

Tips on ipad_edited.jpg

Tip 71

Create content for those not ready to buy yet.

This might be a counselling service offering ‘15 ways to add wellness to your work routine’ through to a florist’s ‘how to design a Christmas wreath’. Capture their email addresses on download, and add them to a nurturing email flow.

80+ pages of actionable marketing tips
for your small business

Learn the tried and tested marketing activities that make a difference to your business. All set out in easy-to-understand language.

Tips on ipad 2_edited.jpg

Tip 184

Use Instagram stories for market research and product/service development

Want to launch a new product or service and gauge people’s reactions before your invest time and money? Use polls and stickers for feedback prior to product launch.

Who is the eBook for?

eCommerce stores

Brick-and-mortar retailers

First-time founders

Established businesses

Marketing Managers

Product businesses

Service businesses

Fran Wadia

Shuttaford Barns

500 Marketing Tips has been such a good resource for our holiday lets business. I find myself regularly dipping in and out for ideas

Chris Shaw

TC Fitness

“As a personal trainer in a competitive market, it's tough to know where to start with marketing. 500 Tips has given me tons of ideas of how I can get the TC Fitness brand out there.  

Camilla Verschoyle
Milly's Wellness

"Love, love, love it! The marketing strategy section has been a gamechanger for starting up my new business.

What type of businesses would benefit from the eBook?

Jewellery Makers
Personal Trainers
Candle Makers


Graphic Designers
Clothing Retailers
Cafe owners
Landscape designers


Virtual Assistants
Beauty Therapists
Interior Designers


Not sure if your business is right for the eBook? Just drop me a line at and I'll let you know if it's a good fit. 

tips on ipad 3.png

Tip 13

Take note of your own purchasing behaviour to help inspire your marketing funnels.

Did you become aware of a fitness app because an influencer recommended it with a hashtag that you follow on Instagram?


What happened during the consideration stage? Did you take part in a 7-day trial? Did you check out the App Store reviews? Did you head to YouTube to view more of their workouts?


What trigger made you convert? Was it an email campaign that offered you a 5% monthly discount if you signed up? Or was it a teaser email highlighting the hundreds of healthy recipes you’ll get access to if you subscribe?


Once you signed up did you stay past the 7-day trial, because of the amazing customer service, and valuable email content helping to drive your loyalty?

Once you start to take note of how you purchase, it will help to inspire you in how your target audience can engage with your brand.


Will I receive a physical copy of the book?

No, this is a digital download. A copy of the eBook will be sent to your email. This means you can get cracking immediately

I don't have any marketing experience. Will I understand the tips?

Absolutely! This is a 'no marketing jargon' resource

Do I need any special software to read the book?

No the eBook is a PDF, so it easily opens on a computer or mobile phone. 

How much does the eBook cost?

The eBook is a bargain £9.99. But it is full of thousand of pounds worth of tips. 

Hi, I'm Hatty, the author of
500 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

I've been working in marketing for 14 years and have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of brands from whisky to gifting businesses. 500 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business was an opportunity for me to consolidate the thousands of hours of webinars, YouTube, podcasts and on-hand experience I've built working with clients.  

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